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Seven acres planted in 1995 to Chardonnay, the vineyards were faced west to capture the evening rays of the departing sun. We named this vineyard Spirit Hill because of the rural mythology surrounding the area. This particular hill was the subject of some controversy as certain paleontologists have surmised that early Indian Tribes worshipped on the hill. It was the highest point in the valley and was a natural lookout for deer herds or competing tribes.

Originally planted to a 12 ft. spacing and drip irrigated and grafted to Chardonnay. These vines produced wine first in 2001. The Chardonnay wine from the 2001 vintage was bottled and is currently being sold under the Windy Hill Winery label.

In 2002, when we decided to make Windy Hill Winery an estate Pinot noir property the vines were grafted from Chardonnay to two selections of Pinot noir. We also extended our commitment to the vineyard by planting an additional row of vines between the existing vine rows giving us 6 ft. row spacing. This west facing vineyard is impacted by the windy nature of the site. The vines struggle to grow and require a higher degree of farming.

After grafting the vines the vineyard produced its first wine in 2005. Our efforts have been rewarded in the expression of the fruit in the wine. The Pinot noir selections on this hill produced a wine very intensely fruity with a backbone of delicious integrated fruit. Although this wine is young it holds tremendous potential that only time will reveal itself.

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